Saturday, May 23, 2009

New Semester another one gone by

Well another semester has come and gone. I tell you I have never done school so fast. I had Logic and Illustrator this time and I think the grades will be a B + and and A-, the A being in Logic. Pretty happy with that. I learned alot about Illustrator and feel more comfortable with it now, considering I never used it before. Simon did well too I think he scored a couple of A's this semseter in his classes so things are going well in that direction. Our garden is starting to show promise. I am starting to see the things I planted and the tomatoes seem to be doing well also.
Simons plants are just starting to breach the surface. I hope they will do well also. Overall things are going ok. Money is rather tight but I know if we budget and budget well we will be ok.
Simon is going to start his business up again soon and hopefully he can get some added income from that, which would be nice.