Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Years Resolutions

Its taken me a few days to figure out what new goals to strive for in the New Year but I think I finally found some to go for- and hopefully stick to.

  1. Try to be more organized- I dont mean magazine perfect- that wont happen but at least decent so if I have someone come over short or long stay I can show them my quarters and be happy to have just spiffed, not overhauled my place.
  2. Try to exercise-  I will not be doing T-Bo or Yoga but I will be trying to do some exercise at least 4-5 times a week- doing something which can be considered it- laundry, sweeping, taking out trash... and actual exercises.
  3. Read more,  Read the books I got for Christmas, before my Birthday.
  4. Craft more, this can be anything I like for anyone I choose but use the stuff I own / restock when needed.
  •  5.Do the things I have been instructed to do more by my leaders- Remember to do them- scriptures, temple etc and with Simon.
  •  6.    Hone my Graphic Arts skills- do something with it at least once a week, figure out what I am good at in it- its there waiting to be found- I got to learn the basics of how do to things, now its up to me.

6 Major things to do and to try to do every day or weekly for weekly things  in some way. Doesnt matter what in alot of cases of each I do so there is flexibility, variety of choice- but I need to try to do them. If those get going well, a routine, then I will add more- but for now this 6 will do.   I will make a update of how things are going- in awhile  One more thing, moisturize every day- I live in Utah and my skin gets dry- going to have a regime of lotion applying. For Simon I will try get him to use his Chapstick at least. Cant see him all enamored with lotion.