Monday, April 2, 2012

Emarking on a new venture

Inspiration can hit you and come from the most interesting places. I recently read The Fault of Our Stars by John Green, I had never read it before or any of his but have become familiar with it though watching the vlogs he and his brother Hank do. Smart guys. After reading it I felt I could write my own story, about my life. I have been to hell and back you could say with what I have. Which in the extreme can be fatal, in a variety of ways. I faced death in two ways I was not expecting. My kidneys nearly shut down on me, nearly ending me and then the following yr toxic shock nearly got me caused by a completely other way. All after being married. So since the character in John Greens book is not real, I have decided to make my character not real but based on me, and based on the people I know. Mr Green is a funny individual- wont answer any mail. Surely he sees the value of that, after all he isn't the only one who can write, and write the kind of books he does. He says he is busy with kids and all but you know what lots of other writers are too and they answer their fans, give them some sense their words mean as much to them as theirs did to the people who wrote to them those letters and emails, tweets. Perhaps not every one, but enough one feels that you might get some benefit of writing them in the first place, reading it is not enough- your public want your words- not to a mass audience but to them. I am married, I have a job, I am a college graduate, I am not some teeny bopper no sir. Yet I like what he does, and his brother. I find it rude though he wont answer anyones mail Remember your beginnings boys. Remember when getting hits on your Youtube was everything to you because you were new to it. If you don't, you will find yourselves replaced and we dont want that now do we? I write this as a warning. I am older than you both I have seen things you never will and survived things you cant comprehend because you are not me. That's not arrogance, its the truth. Think about it and think about giving your emails, your fan mail the time of day. Just sayin.