Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring Happenings

The weather has been awful nice lately- snow almost melted. The chickens are well happy that it is sunny and nice and I must say I am too. Enjoyed a nice walk with Simon today, We looked at our neighbors daffodils and crocuses coming up in purple and yellow. Still snow on the mountains that usually stays awhile. Why dont I smile fully? I have a tooth which needs to fixed, and its in the front so for now its not full smiles for me. Its on the list to be done and done soon. I was not blessed with strong teeth. We are making great progress in getting our finances in order. I have gotten into Twitter. I avoided it for a great deal of time but now that I found it I really like it. I can follow people I will only see on the tv or read their books etc. I dont have to ask. They dont have to accept me first and I like that. They still wont have a clue of who I am but thats ok I can see of more of who they are, off the screen out of the lime light- what they think about things. Some people follow me, its kind of interesting who does. I am usually pretty accepting , if its not porn, people whose twitter tag is porn related, etc then I usually will say sure you can follow me. They have to request though this is how I weed out people who I dont want to be associated with- even on Twitter.

Work is busy as usual... I am not being smug here.. its
hard to take your picture when you cant see what the camera is taking a pic of exactly. Work has been picking up actually. More students are getting to know who I am which is good.