Thursday, July 9, 2009

My Art

Well I have done 3 design classes now so I thought it would be a good idea to show off some of the things I have done. Click on them if they seem to be cut off and you will see the whole picture.

This is Kevin Whately, he has been in a few things but is most noted for being Inspector Morse's right hand man which then led him to have his own series, Lewis which is the the name of his character. I did this in my Illustrator class as my final project.

This is Wedge and he is my creation and has
been for many years. Years ago, my father had
a hernia and had to sleep on a wedge. I was
about 14 and had never heard of anyone sleeping
on a wedge, and thought it was funny and so I
began drawing wedge as if he were a person often
drawing my Dad in too. My parents love my
Wedge cartoons.

This is my very latest project I didnt take the photos, but I arranged them and the text.
This was done in my Photoshop class.

This is another one of my designs done in Photoshop class I drew the kitty and made it into a brush.