Thursday, December 11, 2008

My awesome brother Chad

My brother Chad is heading off with the Army to serve overseas ( those who know him know where, for security reasons I wont disclose too much) He will be gone for a year. Chad will be serving his country. Let's support our Chaddie boy- write to him while he is away- if you need his address please contact me or my Mom. Warrant Officer Everett - we salute you!

Monday, December 8, 2008

LIghts, Camera, Happy Kids!

For my nephew Adam's 4th birthday, Mom, Dad and I took my brother Joe's boys to Thanks giving Point to see the Christmas lights (Denny and his family were there also, in their car) With a $2 dollar off coupon we got to see them for $5 dollars ( per car) instead of $ 7. Brigham and Blake had a blast! They LOVED the lights. They were shouting Merry Christmas! as we drove past people, and looking at every single light display we went by. Blake kept saying " I wish Christmas Eve was tonight!"
Oh to be that young again! When lights dazzled us and we believed in Santa Claus.
After the lights, we went and saw some reindeer which were in
a pen, the kids were interested in those also. Finally, we went back to Denny and Catherine's to open presents and have cake and icecream. Overall, it was a great activity. Everyone had a good time.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

News.. Updates...

Since my last post, a few things have happened.. Thanksgiving for one. My husband and I and my parents went to my brother Joe's house for Thanksgiving. It was a lovely dinner, everyone did something for the meal. There was just the cosy bunch of us there. A competitive game of Scrabble was played afterwards. On Sunday was my Moms birthday. I won't reveal her age. Dad took her out to Red Lobster. They also went on a wonderful ride, around Goshen and Bursten Pond which I have actually swam in. The kitty in the picture thought my parents could not see it but as you can see they could! Joe had a nice Thanksgiving concert at the Provo Tabernacle last month also. It is a lovely building, I had never been inside. 4 choirs participated including a childeren's choir. The place was stuffed to the raffters, very well attended. My Mom told me that she used to go there for Stake Conference. I have a camera now, I just got to get the software for it ( as it was my Mom's and that Cd is in Iowa) but as soon as I do I can post some of the pictures I have taken so far. I have begun my Christmas shopping, infact 70% of it is already completed and I am quite happy about that.