Friday, March 21, 2014

Good music

I recently had a debate with someone I have known for along time, about good music- good role models who produce or make music.. And I could not totally agree with their view. They suggested if I buy someone's music who had morals which are not mine or lifestyle is not mine.. that I contribute to the problem we have today with the influence of artists who are outside my values.....
Well for starts some of these guys and gals are made to be what they are.  You have to be pretty established to be your own style, your own sound.  At least in many cases.  Blame the producers and record labels they are the ones behind the awful artists we see today for the most part... 
That being said, if a artist I like does not talk about things which are negative, or cursing, and in general just stuff I want to stay away from... should they be in a lifestyle I am not I will not hold against them- I evaluate what they are singing, what is the message, what are saying to me. What do the instruments sound like... what they do with their lives is not my concern as long as it does not wreck what I am listening to. I am not going to have them over to dinner or be close pals.   I like music all across the board.  I do not know what their private lives are about for many of them nor do I concentrate on it. I did not buy their album for that. 

That being saidI have discovered some really excellent music groups of many kinds. I love for example the Black Keys.
  Now why do I?   They have an awesome sound, real guitar, real drum beat and some interesting lyrics and style. You might think that the lead singer was African American from his voice alone, I did at first.  He is the dude with the beard there.  He has a southern style to his voice and man these guys can play!
 On the other complete opposite side of the spectrum-  I have discovered such ambient bands like Solar Fields, and this group: 
Totally relaxing, calming music.   Yes this same person likes a totally different stuff. I dont think I am unique in that though.   Now back to the arguement- am I the consumer responsible for these bad groups being bad influences if I buy the music. I really dont think so because they will have their image,and style wither I purchase anything of theirs or not- like I said, for those in the Bieber catagory and even those I Like- alot are not at the stage they can decide on their own what they sing, or look like and personal lives have nothing to do with my life unless they actively are against things I find are important to me- which for my life- does not happen and if does I often dont care what their personal opinion is. Does it effect the music I hear?   If not, why should I care? I know my rule stick I go by for things and I can judge it good or not, I wont be listening to Satanic, demonic stuff, or demoralizing, gang promoting artists and albums-- No, I wont.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A New Venture

I have decided to go into the jewlery making business..  I have made quite a few things, making more all the time. My little web store That's my link to my little "store". Just like it is is how you get to it.  You really can buy the things which I have posted and I can remake things which get sold out.  Have a look around there and if you see something you like you can pay through Pay Pal.  It's safe and secure and my prices are pretty reasonable, I dont wish to charge a lot, only if they become popular would I need to increase any prices. I need your help to advertise my site though.  Its not well known right now.  I will do my part and keep making things and post them for you and others to see.   There is no pressure to buy, only is you like what you see and want to but a little word of mouth telling people about my little business would be great!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

 Its hard to believe that a whole year has gone by and its time to make New Resolutions. I would like to rename time  New Year Habits to incorporate into my life.

1) I want to treat my body better than I do.  Not skip meals like I sometimes I do especially breakfast and then feel not so great.  I want to loose  a little bit of weight just some, 5-10 maybe 15 pounds.
 2) Try not spend so much time worrying about things. Decided what is important to worry about and what really isnt- dont spend so much time on. ? ? ? ? ?
3)  Spend more time on spiritual things, watch  Mormon channel videos and similar channels... Spend time reading the scriptures and Ensign.
4) Read more, when  I  dont Have to be on the computer ( work) or spending Some time on social media and other sites,  Read.  I think 4 is good for now, 4 I can handle...

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

About time for a new post

Well its only been about a year since I decided to write here, and yeah let say in fine alot happened.
SHARC, one of  SHC/IU's logos.

I have been working for Stevens Henager/ Independence University for 2 yrs! Yeah!  You can say what you like about them they gave me employment and education.  Its not working in a cafe or or a farm like BYUH either- though when I was doing those things, I was happy to be working,  However it was not doing what I learned. This job I am nearly every day and I don't need to go anywhere.   You wont get that every day.   Nope so I consider myself pretty fortunate, and well there is talk of good changes happening. I am not going to mention them right now.  Not sure when it will be or details.  Hopefully soon though as that will be good for us in so many ways.

Lets see Mom and Dad got to go to Germany! Where my brother Chad is and his wife and 2 kids for 3 yrs.   They are having alot of fun.    I am glad they got the opportunity to go. 
(Yes I borrowed this picture,) That's my other brother Joe who happened to be on business when Mom and Dad went so they all got to be together for a couple days.

Ok there is a brief update on whats going on..

Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Years Resolutions

Its taken me a few days to figure out what new goals to strive for in the New Year but I think I finally found some to go for- and hopefully stick to.

  1. Try to be more organized- I dont mean magazine perfect- that wont happen but at least decent so if I have someone come over short or long stay I can show them my quarters and be happy to have just spiffed, not overhauled my place.
  2. Try to exercise-  I will not be doing T-Bo or Yoga but I will be trying to do some exercise at least 4-5 times a week- doing something which can be considered it- laundry, sweeping, taking out trash... and actual exercises.
  3. Read more,  Read the books I got for Christmas, before my Birthday.
  4. Craft more, this can be anything I like for anyone I choose but use the stuff I own / restock when needed.
  •  5.Do the things I have been instructed to do more by my leaders- Remember to do them- scriptures, temple etc and with Simon.
  •  6.    Hone my Graphic Arts skills- do something with it at least once a week, figure out what I am good at in it- its there waiting to be found- I got to learn the basics of how do to things, now its up to me.

6 Major things to do and to try to do every day or weekly for weekly things  in some way. Doesnt matter what in alot of cases of each I do so there is flexibility, variety of choice- but I need to try to do them. If those get going well, a routine, then I will add more- but for now this 6 will do.   I will make a update of how things are going- in awhile  One more thing, moisturize every day- I live in Utah and my skin gets dry- going to have a regime of lotion applying. For Simon I will try get him to use his Chapstick at least. Cant see him all enamored with lotion.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hello again... been awhile

 Its been awhile since I posted anything here, but  here is an update.
I am still working for the college- almost have done this for a year which is remarkable for my employment history.  I wasnt fired ever but I just did not have jobs which lasted that long it seemed so this is a first.  I enjoy it for the most part.  Since discovering John Green I have read 2 more of his books.   I like his stuff but I disagree on his politics, but we all can like people who share different views on things, that I know and am one who can do that.  As long as they respect what I think and dont chide me about it, sure, think as you wish.    I definitely dont think everyone should think like me.  John Green as a rule never answers anything so I can tell him all I want what I disagree with, he wont tell me personally what he thinks back ever.  He is a busy guy but sometimes I wish he would, pick 20 people a day say and answer them.  But enough of him... When I am not chained to the desk working I enjoy gaming - I am a Wizard101 fan and Pirate101 which just came out- I like the style, the quests, the feel of them even though yeah a slightly younger audience they are for. Imagery is very powerful in my mind so I dont want to play anything with really big bad ugly looking characters. Not a psycho thriller type,  I do love mysteries though, and yes murder mysteries are quite ok provided not too gritty, hard core kind.  Again the imagery of hard subjects and gruesome  plots are not my thing. Midsomer Murders, Poirot, PD James etc thats my style. There are some in those which kind of take to the edge, but its the way they are done they have a sense of class about them I like.   Yes Mystery is a passion of mine.  Other things I like, graphic design- now that I have graduated, I mainly do things for myself, because I want to- my job keeps me quite busy so I have not thought to free lance yet.  If Simon got promoted and I did not have to work as much as he does, then I will pursue it some more.   I do try to keep up my skills though.  I recently learned how to do a cool thing with text. which I did not know how to do.  here it is,  I quite like it. saw it in my fav Art Mag Computer arts and did it. 


Monday, April 2, 2012

Emarking on a new venture

Inspiration can hit you and come from the most interesting places. I recently read The Fault of Our Stars by John Green, I had never read it before or any of his but have become familiar with it though watching the vlogs he and his brother Hank do. Smart guys. After reading it I felt I could write my own story, about my life. I have been to hell and back you could say with what I have. Which in the extreme can be fatal, in a variety of ways. I faced death in two ways I was not expecting. My kidneys nearly shut down on me, nearly ending me and then the following yr toxic shock nearly got me caused by a completely other way. All after being married. So since the character in John Greens book is not real, I have decided to make my character not real but based on me, and based on the people I know. Mr Green is a funny individual- wont answer any mail. Surely he sees the value of that, after all he isn't the only one who can write, and write the kind of books he does. He says he is busy with kids and all but you know what lots of other writers are too and they answer their fans, give them some sense their words mean as much to them as theirs did to the people who wrote to them those letters and emails, tweets. Perhaps not every one, but enough one feels that you might get some benefit of writing them in the first place, reading it is not enough- your public want your words- not to a mass audience but to them. I am married, I have a job, I am a college graduate, I am not some teeny bopper no sir. Yet I like what he does, and his brother. I find it rude though he wont answer anyones mail Remember your beginnings boys. Remember when getting hits on your Youtube was everything to you because you were new to it. If you don't, you will find yourselves replaced and we dont want that now do we? I write this as a warning. I am older than you both I have seen things you never will and survived things you cant comprehend because you are not me. That's not arrogance, its the truth. Think about it and think about giving your emails, your fan mail the time of day. Just sayin.