Monday, April 25, 2011


Wow ! Time goes by when you are not thinking about it! Out of winter we are- I think and Spring has come. Like the picture up above? I do too, it has a springlike setting so I decided to put it in my blog, Its me in about 2004, I cant exactly remember where, a park in London though. We have been busy with our garden. Simon and I bought blueberry, raspberry, blackberry and strawberry plants. We are going to have quite the jam! I need to study up and learn how to make jam. School is marching on as usual, Simon is finished in Oct and me in Jan.
In addition to our berry plants we are hopeful that our fruit trees will give us fruit this yr- they have the flowers this year as last year they did not. So we shall see, this year or next for sure I think. We also have peas, and cabbage, and cauliflower and Lots of Romaine! We got a whole flat of them and so we shall have plenty to eat, share, and maybe sell even. We also have 9 chickens which are growing so fast! 3 kinds, 3 of each. It will be a group project to make them a chicken coop which they are just about ready for. We enjoyed General Conference earlier this month. I got to watch it at my Grandmas house with my Mom and my aunts Debbie and Margo. My Aunt Christine was in Hawaii where one of my cousins, she and my Uncle Wayne's boy graduated from BYUH and another got married in the Hawaii temple. All her boys got to be there, Jared her third oldest and his wife, little girl and baby to be live there too. The Hawaii Temple is special to me because I got my endowments there when I was 21. I was a lucky girl too because I did not meet the usual qualifications to get your endowments at that time. I was not graduating, I was not going on a mission, I was not getting married. I felt though it was the time to do it. I didnt know I would get married and I didnt want to go years without being able to fully partake in what is done in the temple. I was fortunate to have a bishop who agreed with me I was able to. I wish I could go back and see what it looks like now that it has been refurbished.