Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Greetings and Happy Thanksgiving.... This yr Simon and I will have our own Thanksgiving. My folks went to see the darling baby Fox and his darling North Carolina. My other two brothers are feasting with their in laws.. So its just Simon and myself. Christmastime will be a a party scene though. We got a pile of snow yesterday- we thought we were going to get blizzard, but we didnt. We got lots of snow though!

Adjustments- Simon gave up voluntarily the job he has not liked but has faithfully gone to for a yr- make that two yrs he worked there before as well. He was not happy there at all, and now he is free of it.
He now works for the college we both go to as a online mentor-paid position.
He could not be happier. This is an adjustment for me as I am used to him going to work for a certain hours of the day, now his work is right at home. I find that I dont have to do-do- all day before he is home. I can decide what I want to do like I normally would but get it done when I get it done. Still being productive, but less feeling of " I gotta show him what I got done today." feeling- he is at home, he can see what I do and if I need him - there he is. Plus if I need time to just be on my own I can do that too without feeling I should be getting such and such done. He still goes into college for classes so I get time then to do anything on my own or with my folks while they are with us ( at least over winter) So better all the way 'round I think. Hope everyone has a a very wonderful Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Oh What a Night...

Mike Lee Won for Senate in Utah- Way to go Mike!

Election night was great for the Repubicans and Tea Party!

We did so well Republicans took over the House of Representatives Yeah!

And for our own neck of the woods- in Mapleton...
Gibby was defeated and Maple Mountain was saved because the people in the town voted No! to his plans to develop on our beautiful mountain. Yeay Mapleton!