Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Not new but new to me- Aloe Vera Juice ( flavored)

Aloe Vera Juice has been around for awhile.  A couple weeks ago I was a gas station and decided to try OKF's brand in Pomegranate.  I instantly loved it even though I never had it before.  This made me want to try more of it.  Aloe Vera juice has some amazing health benefits. Here are some I have found:


  1. Aids in the elimination of constipation.
  2. Aids in digestion and helps with stomachaches and heartburn.
  3. Helps to regulate blood sugars.
  4. Detoxifies the body and colon.
  5. Helps with weight loss by increasing metabolic rate to burn more calories.
  6. Improves circulation.
  7. Aids in healing damage to internal tissues.
  8. Regulates blood pressure.
  9. Strengthens immune system.
  10. Retards the growth of cancerous tumors.
  11. Helps to reduce inflammation. ( Sleuth Journal, 2016)
Sounds great to me,as a lot of those things I deal with.  What I love about the OKF brand in particular is that it does come in a variety of flavors which are very tasty especially when you drink it cold as you can see I have one of every flavor my grocery store had, except just plain. I even took my Pusheen  ice cube tray and used it to make Mini Mango Popsicles and it turned out fine and was cute as well.  So yes you can freeze Aloe Vera Juice into a nice cool treat if you like.  What I notice is that whilst I still like to have soda I am having it less than I did before I started drinking the juice.   You cant forget to drink water too, this doesn't replace that for your normal dietary needs. So if you want a tasty, healthy alternative check these out. You may want a lighter  more natural flavor than the OKF brand or just plain- both are available in many stores usually by the types of waters sold ( even though its a juice)   I have tried a couple from Walmart which were lighter on the flavoring ( the flavor is not genuine in OKF's but there is really Aloe Vera juice and gel in every bottle)  

Reference: http://www.thesleuthjournal.com/11-amazing-benefits-drinking-aloe-vera-juice/
Pictures: My own. 

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Mini Review of Moon dust Eye shadows

As I said I would do a mini review of the Urban Decay Moon Dust eye shadows I ordered. Here pictured are the 3 I ordered, Vape on the bottom, Zodiac in the middle and Horizon on the top. ( Thats on my hand, the lighting is not so good)
I was pleased they came earlier than they said they would arrive I got them yesterday they were due tomorrow.  They are very shimmery and sparkly just like I thought they would be and the packaging is nice, if you have had Urban Decay's products before especially the shadows you know that they are put in packaging which lasts.   Now I have to say that these shadows are not for wearing constantly unless you like a glam sparkle look all the time.   Some folk on  Youtube dont understand that if you get these or the palette which has different but of the same type of shadows you will want to wear them with a non shimmer/sparkle eyeshadow for a more every day wear.  They are not stand alone shadows unless you wish for a bit of a more stand out look.  However you totally can do them with a other shadows for a hint of sparkle, I have worn Vape and Horizon with my normal shadows and the look looks really nice, a hint of a shine but not blast you away kind of shine.  So think of these as nice accent pieces like jewelry, just a a bit will do the job like any shimmery and glittery kind of makeup. They can make a great look for night time to add a bit of sparkle.  Overall I like the ones I have and might be purchasing more. Once you understand what they are meant for- these are Not Neutrals, they are Not meant for casual, every day on their own but like I said paired with a matte or less shimmery shadow or two they make quite fun looks which doesn't go over the top and when you are ready to party and want to stand out- use them more by all means.  The glitter does kind of has a bit of fall out but it doesn't get in my eyes at all so to me its not a bother,( and with long eyelashes it definitely could)  just wipe way the glitter if it does that.  The quality of the product is good, they feel nice, they blend really well.  I even got a free gift of eye primer samples because I spent over a certain amount and got free shipping- have to like that folks!