Tuesday, November 12, 2013

About time for a new post

Well its only been about a year since I decided to write here, and yeah let say in fine alot happened.
SHARC, one of  SHC/IU's logos.

I have been working for Stevens Henager/ Independence University for 2 yrs! Yeah!  You can say what you like about them they gave me employment and education.  Its not working in a cafe or or a farm like BYUH either- though when I was doing those things, I was happy to be working,  However it was not doing what I learned. This job I am nearly every day and I don't need to go anywhere.   You wont get that every day.   Nope so I consider myself pretty fortunate, and well there is talk of good changes happening. I am not going to mention them right now.  Not sure when it will be or details.  Hopefully soon though as that will be good for us in so many ways.

Lets see Mom and Dad got to go to Germany! Where my brother Chad is and his wife and 2 kids for 3 yrs.   They are having alot of fun.    I am glad they got the opportunity to go. 
(Yes I borrowed this picture,) That's my other brother Joe who happened to be on business when Mom and Dad went so they all got to be together for a couple days.

Ok there is a brief update on whats going on..