Monday, September 27, 2010

The Amazing ASEA

A little while ago- my Mom started telling me about this product ASEA. ASEA is a product which helps your body normalize the cells in your body. It comes in bottles kinda like your Arizona or Zango size- see above. A first taste it taste a bit salty, almost like you had some sea water. However it does more for you than plain salt water can do. I have had dry, cracked heels for months, and lotion was not healing them very well no matter how much I put on. My mom gave me ASEA in a spritzer bottle which you can put anywhere on your body even eyes- it wont sting or hurt. What it did do is start to heal up these poor heels of mine and it only has started to help in a couple days- just a spritz in the morning, and at night- bit of lotion, covered them up- done. You would be amazed how much energy you have with this product. It is not an energy drink- it wont rev your heart up or make you stay up all night. But I can tell you this, my folks who are in their 60's - Mom will be 60 this yr- they were able to unload 2 trucks ( not alone) of all their belongings when they just came to my house- which is their home for the time being too. It wont make you Superman or Wonder girl. But the sports field is already taking to this like a storm- Lance Armstrong- yes Tour de France winner x amount of times? He takes it- and he was able to do so much better than before. You dont drink the whole bottle at once. You could but you dont have to get the amount for a regular dose. This cell technology helps heal the cells in your body- They are testing how well it can do with such diseases as AIDS, MS another diseases where the current science to help is limited. My aunts and parents, grandma have fully seen the benefits of taking this what seems to be simple daily supplement in their lives and it has really helped them- they arent for the all fast no show gimick people, this product does work and like Avon or Mary Kay you can make a wage on it too, it can not replace a regular job but can provide extra income. If you are interested in trying the product and wish to sell yourself as well- I am set up to sell it to
You can then sell it to people you feel will be interested- its a win win thing- you feel better taking it ( its not yummy but it does work) and you can sell it and make a decent wage, It was developed by U of U. Top doctors are interested in it and even Alan Osmond. Check it out- there is always new technology out there, new things available to help the body and this one is not hype, not a diet pill, but restores your cells and makes them work right.

Friday, September 3, 2010

The Picinic at Jolley's Ranch

Got together with my Mom and Denny and Joe for a picnic but the skies downpoured on us- we all retreated to Joes- here are pics before that....


Carly's Easy Veg Beef Stew

Move over Dinty Moore, I have a stew which is just as good.

1 can of beef broth
1 can of Campbells or Western Family Vegetable Beef soup
add 1 can of water to each
2-3 medium potatoes, any kind you like
handful of carrots chopped
half a tube/package of ground beef
any other veggies you might like
Just for fun- a handful of pasta shells, spirals or macoroni
A couple of squirts of ketchup or you can put diced tomatoes if you want.
Brown beef, separate in to small pieces.
Add ingredients
Stir every so often
Add herbs if you wish
Cook till potatoes are tender


See Easy!