Thursday, September 10, 2009

In the Fall

Another semester has come and gone, this time it was online, an alright class but nothing I did was really worth posting as it wasn't as nifty as other stuff in the other classes I have had. My parents came back for a little bit, mainly for my Uncle Orlando's funeral, which was a shock to everyone I think. He had his troubles but no one was predicting his passing so soon. I am so proud of his daughter Mckell who has coped so amazingly and keeps carrying on, doing great things. I know her Dad is proud of her, especially now. Simon finally got back into work after a bit of a space of not working, school helped fill the space but church mice we have been for awhile getting the little state help we can plus my parents have been amazing and have sent us bits every week to keep us going. Simon hopes to secure a better job soon as Macdonalds isnt giving him the hours he needs and he has the skills to do more than flip burgers and stuff.
Lets hope that happens soon. He has started working in the temple. something I think which will be good for him. I am pondering wither I should join him, I am not sure. I have been recently diagnosed with asthma after coughing for over 3 months, I am still trying to get it under control.
I will have to take the route one should take when making a decision like that. I plan on going to the temple still, but I am thinking for now, I might like the option to stay home if I would like, largely do to health reasons and I wouldnt want to let anyone down. I havent finalized that decision though. My parents are heading back tmw or Sat. I hope they wont have to be gone so long this time. I hope I am not too unique in saying I like my parents around, and yes sometimes right on top of each other is not so bad sometimes. I have no clue as to how long we get to stay in this place I call home now- it is no secret it will be sold at some point. Where to next and when? I try to to think about it too much as what will be will be alright but it crops up in my mind though all the same. Fall is approaching. officially a little ways off still but its on the horizon, nighttime already getting cooler. I am ready for it- really for the cool- not exactly ready for the cold though.