Friday, March 25, 2016

And then there were five.

Ok there are 5 but I found this picture of 4 and they are doing the best who is far.
This presidential race has reminded me of Agatha Christie's  Ten Little Indians or otherwise known as  And Then There Were None. Except everyone is alive, they just drop out of the race one by one .  To be perfectly honest, I dont like any of them. Not really though if I had to choose it would be between Cruz for the Republicans or Bernie on the Democrats even though I have never voted Democrat before. I could just about deal with him even though in many ways he is a nut and has unrealistic promises. Plus he is a Socialist. I know Socialism, I have lived in England twice where even if the government is Conservative, the underlying socialism runs through the government, once introduced it never went away from Blair to Cameron it doesn't matter. I refuse to "jump on the Trump train"
I haven't liked him for a good while. I dont like how he talks to people and thinks swearing is ok. I dont like how utterly unprofessional he comes across. Yep he is a businessman, not over the top successful, he has had success but he has had failures too.  He doesnt mind who he deals with, he has no scruples.  No you cant sell me the idea of him being my president, just because he is not apart of the Establishment.

The Establishment has not always been bad, we have had some decent people in Washington, its been a bit but we have.  We cant just throw all under the bus and say all are bad. That's a fallacy and if you know your philosophy classes, you know which fallacy it is. There are some men and women whom we have elected who do try do good and good things.  They get outnumbered sometimes, more than we like by those who do not have our interests at heart, but instead have their own pet projects they want to focus on. We need to vote those kind out, and choose better representatives.

This only happens if you take the time to look at who wants or is in office, look at what their views are, their morals and vote for them or if in office support them. It simply does not happen if we do nothing and then wonder why we have who we do.  So for the first time in  the yrs I have voted, my vote could go either way. To the left or the right,  I don't care who the front runner is in the Republican party,  My gut tells me don't vote for him, I don't care how many delegates he has. I don't care that he has all this money to use for his campaign. That as Shania Twain says " Don't impress me much."  It really does not, wither you get funding or not does not mean you are a great candidate. There is nothing about him which shines out to me. . Now I don't know a lot about Ted Cruz, I know he is a Christian, I know he has some things which he wants to do for the country which sound like things which could be done,  He hasn't offended minorities and no riots have broken out at his meetings, rallies etc. He hasn't always been a citizen but he now is, at least he has never hid the fact he was born elsewhere unlike Obama who wants us to think he was born in Hawaii.  I like him better than Trump, I liked Rubio but he didn't do well, he did have some good things to say and things he wanted to do. I liked that he had  belief in Jesus Christ and was not afraid to say so at a debate.
Oh yes I left out Hillary- that is because she never was a choice for me.  The fact she can still run is mind blowing. I do not fancy Bill and Hill back in the White House. A dishonest woman, a liar, a murderer a security risk.. and all the rest.  No for Hillary.

As for our "5th Beatle" John Kaisch, I cant leave out him either to be fair.  I like the man alot,  He has experience, he has done some important things and has had leadership positions.  However people just dont want to vote for him and he would actually be my guy if he were doing better but right now he is not.  I wish he was because he has some solid plans for the country as well.  In my caucus though most did not choose him for the candidate. They didnt choose Trump either,

Politics is a crazy thing, There are so many different views of who is right and who is wrong.
These are my views and you don't have to agree with them. I dont want any page long comments telling me how I should vote one way or the other. I am not telling you to do that.. I am just stating what I think of the matter, without endless facts and figures because these are just my thoughts.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

New book I am reading ( to go along with other books I am)

I have started reading a new book, which is widely known.   Its a book by Ransom Riggs. Yep that is his name.
I had head about this book before but when Tim Burton's trailer for the movie for it I was more intrigued. Its about a boy name Jacob whose grandfather would tell him fantastic tales of being sent by his parents to an orphanage in Wales during the war.  To get away from the monsters his grandfather said and he would describe these beasts and always adding in more and more detail.  If one knows their history it does not take long to figure out who the "monsters" really are.  Yes the Nazis and the boys Grandfather was the only one to escape Poland- the rest of his family died in concentration camps. The book shifts to what it was like for the grandfather to be in the orphanage on a remote island, run by Miss Peregrine. A Peregrine is a type of falcon. If you have seen the trailer you know how fitting her name is, if not I wont tell you now.   Jacob's Grandpa (who is known as Grandpa Portman) and other kids were there, and they are not your average kids. Jacob's grandfather described them and how they had very interesting abilities, almost too interesting to be believed. Jacob had his doubts because the whole thing everything seemed to fantastical.
However his grandfather shows him an album of old photographs of these children, doing and looking how his grandfather has described. They were all sent to this remote island in Wales to the orphanage too.  Could his Grandpa be telling the truth this whole time? Do these unusual kids still somehow exist? Does this place exist still where his Grandpa went?   I have not finished the book, and so I am still finding out those answers. It all means but it seems like a very interesting book and there is a follow up book which I intend to find and read called Hollow City and one after that too. There seems to be a series perhaps, ( a trilogy already) in the making and one which so far is interesting to me, its not quite a mystery like I love but yet it is, where not everything about the book is pure fiction ( There were real monsters called Nazis and they did do horrible things to people) It will be interesting to read and see if Grandpa Portman saw and was with these kids he said was or if it was something he made up to get away from the fact he was stuck in a orphanage far from his home. We shall see which is true. 

Place used in the film for the orphanage.
From Tim Burtons movie, some of the cast

Monday, March 14, 2016

Stormy weather

I woke up this morning and the sky was rather dark like this. I could not see Timp very well, it was obscured by dark clouds. There were patches of the mountains you still could see, with the snow still on them. We are expecting more snow but it will not be a lasting snow this time as we have had temperatures in the 60's before . Spring is a bit unusual in  Utah.  Its a mix of things and then Bam! Its summer time.
Like these clouds, there has been a lot of political unrest right now as it is election time. Who should be elected next? Who should we trust?  There have been rumblings and clashes like flashes of lightening. For me I still dont know exactly who I would want to be President but I can rule out some.  There are other contenders on each side of the major parties other than who is doing the best in the polls. Sadly they are not doing as well as the ones who are the forerunners. Their number of delegates are not as many as they need and they dont seem to be getting any landslide votes.
The Utah caucus is coming up and I shall be voting. I shall have to think about who I wish to vote for.
Its important to not get too caught up in the whole political circus which has been brought to us. Do we want to be one of those angry people?  I admit I am fed up with what has been done with the country under our current president. I never was very impressed with him.  His Golden Boy status that the media gave him- seemed more like leaf gold than real which has peeled off to reveal the true nature of him.  Still I am not out for a fight, I dont want to cause contention with those I know who may have a different champion than me.  The phrase " Cant we all just get along?"  seems like something which would be really nice, if only we knew how to do it.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Its been awhile...

March 11, 2016

I nearly forgot I had a blog, till I was watching some YouTube folks were talking about their blogs and it occurred to me I should get back to writing on mine.   So what is new or has been new?  Well lets see.   I am still working for Stevens Henager, or Independence  University,
This will be my 5th yr.  I am about ready for a change though but not sure what change I should do.  I have many interests. I like mystery books and I am reading a good few. I am currently reading Brass in Pocket.  Its by Welsh  author  Stephen Puleston. He is a new author to me, I have 3 of his books.  So far I am liking the books except for some bad language which I take my trusty pen to. 
 It is set in North Wales. I will have to finish reading it to get a full opinion of it.  Other things I am up to are I am interested in doing things in Graphic Arts, I am interested in making jewelry and  have done but not as often as I like.  Many things I am doing. I have started to remember my daily scripture study as I should. I decided to read the Doctrine in Covenants because in Gospel Doctrine we are reading the Book of Mormon.
So now that I have remembered my blog and bookmarked where it is, I shall be a more frequent writer and use this to tell about the interests I have, reviews about books or places I go. 
One of the Kitty Collages I do.
Brass in Pocket