Friday, June 24, 2011


One of the passions for me and my husband is gaming. Its good that we both like doing this because then we dont often argue because one of us is on a game. Sometimes if something more important we might disagree but not really. Not like when my husband used to- used to play WOW.
He used to play it all the time. It would make it so when we were out, he had a hard time enjoying being out, he would think about going back and playing a dungeon.. I never went for that type of game. Until.... I clicked on a link on Facebook for Wizard101.. and now at 44 levels later- I am still liking it! Yes I am a married woman who plays a game most younger people like.- Amazing huh? Well only if you know me, do you know my age on there and no one knows me that well- I have not gotten friend codes from anyone- if I knew someone well enough I might give one but so far I have not quite met anyone who could fit that special privilege- couple of my friends there are nearly at that stage but not quite. No one in real life that I personally know plays so I am waiting to see how well a friend the ones I have gotten to know a bit are. However even if you arent my friend yet but would like to be and get the friend code (after I know you for a bit) Here are my requirements:

A) will you help me when I face a hard bad guy? B) will you stay when you get there- I hate it when a friend drops in my battle area brings in another bad guy then thinks- oh I am bored or something leaving me with more than I was wanting to battle- that is not right. I wish the extra bad guy would leave if they do but they dont. So if you help me- stay in the battle unless you get defeated and no one can heal. Sometimes we cant and its just the cards we have at the time, nothing personal. C) if I am helping you, let me help you how I want to help you, especially if you pulled me from somewhere else to help.. You want the boss fine- but only till the lesser minions are dead then I am attacking the boss too wither you like it or not cuz he/she is who is left. D) Dont tell me off for figuring out part of a quest puzzle which is MY quest too and dont try to solve everything if I asked you to help me. E) Very Important- in battle, unless your cards are all grayed out- dont just skip! Tell me you are waiting for pips for a bigger spell. Dont skip, skip, skip... and say nothing. If I am soloing I may skip to do just that but in a group I help- its teamwork unless I have to, no available cards. F) if you cant help me when I ask, tell me you cant dont just act like I did not say it, you know I did.
Tell me you cant, tell me you are fighting, just answer me. F) dont teleport to me just to be in that area- if you are coming to where I am by that way, help me where I am. I had to knock someone from my regular list because they kept doing that then accused ME of bothering them! The nerve! They kept going to where I was and I did not ask for them or even talk to them to help me and they didnt help that was the problem, I was just a jumping point for what they wanted to do- user!. Ok if you can follow my rules of being my friend to have a friend code ( I accept almost all for otherwise I am not picky I always like friend choices to choose from to help me) Then if you fit these requirements which arent asking much, just what I want in a good solid friend who gets a green name distinction rather than other friends- then look me up and I will add you for that for sure..

What I bring to the table......

A) I play often, pretty much daily for a period of time, I am not all day gamer, I am a wife too and and college student. B) I dont mind going to the first level areas and helping, dont be afraid to get me to help you on Triton Ave of something- I will, if not fighting somewhere. C) I will not ask you to help me in higher level places if you do not have the health to cope. I dont want you to be defeated quickly. If its something I know you can handle cuz where you are exploring at the moment like Mooshu like I am right now, sure I will have you help or if you are a world below from where I am. D) I will not help all the time in worlds I am not in yet- reason: too hard for me! I will try them out, try to help you but if know its hard because I have done that- I am waiting till I can really handle that area. E) I will say thanks and your welcome to any help you give me- if I forget- talk to me and make me remember- I am not intentionally rude. F) I am not a fair weather friend and dont like them- you help me, I help you. G) I will never ask for crowns, gifts etc- you dont have to give me anything- just your help and friendship. Lastly I am female I have a alternate guy one but I play my girl the most- however I accept friends who are male or female- it matters not to me if you are just playing a girl but are a guy really or the reverse. I am not a girls only person or boys only person- to me your are my friend in the game, I only know about you what I tell you and you only know about me what I tell you- dont want to say your age - no problem I wont be asking.

Dont be surprised if I dont talk alot, I usually dont talk to people a great deal in games but if you say hi, I will say hi, if you ask about a quest I will talk you about it, but I am quest- focused alot.

Ok thats my spiel, If you want to add me as a friend- come find me in the Spiral- I am Rachel Moonwalker level 44.( at the moment) and I am working in Mooshu.