Saturday, February 18, 2012

Conquering the Laundry

The wiring in this house is a bit out of date causing it to act funny. This has made the dryer work great for long periods of time and then not. Frustrating? Yes. Its going to be fixed, next week. However my hubby is telling me " I dont have things to wear." So I thought ok. the washer works fine I will wash him some clothes. How to dry? Am I going to drape clothes over things and have them drip dry? No! The washing line outside was the answer! But its winter you say... it doesn't matter! Especially on a sunny day, which it happens to be today. Yep it takes longer but its ok they will still dry. So I did a small batch- enough for the pegs I had and put them on the line.. I maybe will get to like doing that for some things. I will like it when the dryer work normally. However, just goes to show that older ways of doing things can still be done today especially if you have tools to do and for this I do, a perfectly good washing line. My Grandma used it for many yrs till she had a dryer so I can use it till I do again which will be soon, but till then I can lighten my load of wash to be done in the mean time the old fashioned way..