Saturday, October 1, 2016

Fall has arrived!

As you can see from these photos which I found, Fall has arrived, its October!   My anniversary is coming up shortly. 13 yrs!  Its hard to believe how time has gone by.   Lets see my spouse just renewed his permanent residency  for another 10 yrs.  He was very relieved that the renewal process was alot less hectic than the initial getting of the card.  You still pay a pretty good chuck of change for the paper work but the actual doing of it, was less stressful, not even an interview.   He does plan to become citizen but we want to do it when he is not so close to the wire of his card expiring though.
What I dont look forward to in October is Halloween.  Some people love it, dress up for it no matter how old they are, get the house decked out in decor and all of that stuff but its just not appealing to me in the least.

I had my fun when I was a kid and it was fun getting dressed up and getting candy. When I as 12 I stopped doing that though and we went to a movie instead as a family which was fun and not a scary one.
I dont like all that now, and it feels so commercial, I dont like all the horror, spooky elements which have been made more and more popular. Give me a great mystery and I am all for it but I once at a friends house saw Silence of the Lambs - it wasn't my choice and I spent most of the movie looking into the carpet. I once saw Poltergeist also which was weird.   I dont like horror at all. Mysterious? Spooky?( The Adams family)  Sure that is ok but sick, twisted, even a bit to rather satanic stuff no I wont have anything to do with.   If thats your "jam" fine but I dont want to be around it.  I dont want the images in my head and they will get stuck and I dont want that.  People mistakenly think " Its just a show or movie"   It may be fictional but how those films are done now with all the effects made to be all to real- no I dont need it.

I enjoy Fall, the leaves and the getting out of my sweaters and cozy stuff again. I like that. I wish it could be  Fall to Spring all the time with a touch of summer to just feel like going swimming for a bit. That would be perfect.  I am not a snow bunny even though I live in snowy Utah- I am not a skier, snowboarder, ice skater- nope not into any of that and 2 of the 3 I have tried ( skiing and ice skating) and no I wasn't good at either one.  So welcome Fall while it is here, I am going to enjoy you and prepare for winter.