Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hello again... been awhile

 Its been awhile since I posted anything here, but  here is an update.
I am still working for the college- almost have done this for a year which is remarkable for my employment history.  I wasnt fired ever but I just did not have jobs which lasted that long it seemed so this is a first.  I enjoy it for the most part.  Since discovering John Green I have read 2 more of his books.   I like his stuff but I disagree on his politics, but we all can like people who share different views on things, that I know and am one who can do that.  As long as they respect what I think and dont chide me about it, sure, think as you wish.    I definitely dont think everyone should think like me.  John Green as a rule never answers anything so I can tell him all I want what I disagree with, he wont tell me personally what he thinks back ever.  He is a busy guy but sometimes I wish he would, pick 20 people a day say and answer them.  But enough of him... When I am not chained to the desk working I enjoy gaming - I am a Wizard101 fan and Pirate101 which just came out- I like the style, the quests, the feel of them even though yeah a slightly younger audience they are for. Imagery is very powerful in my mind so I dont want to play anything with really big bad ugly looking characters. Not a psycho thriller type,  I do love mysteries though, and yes murder mysteries are quite ok provided not too gritty, hard core kind.  Again the imagery of hard subjects and gruesome  plots are not my thing. Midsomer Murders, Poirot, PD James etc thats my style. There are some in those which kind of take to the edge, but its the way they are done they have a sense of class about them I like.   Yes Mystery is a passion of mine.  Other things I like, graphic design- now that I have graduated, I mainly do things for myself, because I want to- my job keeps me quite busy so I have not thought to free lance yet.  If Simon got promoted and I did not have to work as much as he does, then I will pursue it some more.   I do try to keep up my skills though.  I recently learned how to do a cool thing with text. which I did not know how to do.  here it is,  I quite like it. saw it in my fav Art Mag Computer arts and did it.