Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Into The Blogisphere!

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Hello, We are the Phillips family, Simon Phillips and Carly Phillips. I, Carly Phillips am the creator of our family blog. Our family right now consists of us and our two cats. However I come from the Everett Family. Two of my brothers have blogs also. Simons family are in Wales and Leeds in the U.K.
He is British but is more likely to tell you he is Welsh which is true, 100%. I have Welsh in my family tree.

  • A little about us: Right now we currently are living with my Grandpa Everett in his basement. Not sure how long that will be. My parents are here too. They plan on building their own home in Apple Valley in Southern Utah. They will be putting their home in Keokuk Iowa for sale soon. I was born in Provo but did not grow up in Utah. I mainly grew up in Maryland in Odenton, Gambrills and then later in Westminster. I also got to spend time overseas. My father worked for the government so I got to live in:
  • Garmisch
  • Gotherington
  • Laie Hawaii
My husband is from South Wales, He was born in Cardiff.

How we met-

Our courtship is a interesting one, but here it is:

When I was living in England with my folks back in 1991-1994, I went to British school, Bishops Cleeve. I was in the 4th year or 10th grade. Simon is two years older than me. He was in the 6th form or 12th grade. Apparently, he had this massive crush on me, wanted to be my boyfriend etc... I had NO clue. I have 1 distant memory of a tall lanky dark haired kid looking at me down the hall once which fits the pictures of him then perfectly, but I never met him then, not the whole time I was in England. He wasn't quite a member of the Church yet. So 10 yrs go by long after I went back to the states, I went to BYUH for 5 yrs, came back to Maryland... Dating was a little tough, not many choices especially since I relied on friends to go the dances and even then didnt see anyone I particularly clicked with. I was 25 and really wondering if I would get married, I dated next to no one at BYUH..
So I thought what the heck I will try a lds dating service- just a trail..
Just a couple days into it and there he was! Ckicked immediately. We had a webcam courtship along with letters, calls etc. He came over in late September 2002, we got engaged and then had a year engagement. On Oct 7, 2003 we were married in the Washington D.C. Temple. We just celebrated our 5th anniversary.

Simon is now a permanant resident, in a few yrs he can take the citizenship test. He likes games, singing, politics, British comedies.. He currently works for Teleperformance. I am a homemaker even though we dont have a house of our own at the moment. I like making cards, walking, crosstiching, British comedies also and mysteries as well as reading, nature.

Now playing: Enya - How Can I Keep From Singing
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