Friday, February 27, 2009

College Bound

Well the month is just about over but Simon and I decided to do something which will benefit us in the end a great deal. We are going back to college. For me, its back to school but for Simon it is the first time he has attended college and especially here in the U.S. Next week is the start of school. We are both excited. I will be doing a Graphic Arts degree and Simon Business Admin. Our first class will be together but of course not all will be. We even get a free laptop to first use during our study and then keep when we graduate- pretty good incentive right? Books are free too which will be nice. I have paid for college books before and it isnt fun but you have no choice. The staff have been amazing, they have really done all the paperwork fast and worked hard to get us all set up. It is a little more pricer, the student loans we will pay off but at the end we will have all we need to get a job wither for ourselves at home or working for someone else. This will be good for Simon, just what he needs- he doesnt want to work at a call center all his life, he wants a proper job- his current job is alright- better than being a cleaner or fast food but still, he doesnt love it. I have worked before but not since my last time at college in 2001. I have been wondering what to do with my life, and this is it. I have wanted to finish the education I started to get. Its different than I choose before but it is something I like and would like to do as a living.
So wish us luck! We are excited!

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Charlotte and Jared Nelson said...

That will be fun for ya'll! Goodluck with Everything!