Friday, March 20, 2009

Updates.. Changes

My how time flies! Already nearly out of March. Well since I last posted Simon and I have just about finished our first course at college and we both are getting A's. Yep doing really well considering I knew nothing about Management but I do now! I have enjoyed my teacher Papaloa who is Samoan but he grew up mainly in New Zealand. We are really enjoying college. We get to have the same classes together next term, I guess the next term after that we will finally branch off and have classes separately in our degrees. In other news, Simon got a new job. His old job was not treating him right and so he quit before they had a chance to fire him which is what they were trying to find ways to do anyways. So far he likes his new job. Simon also got his GED, being from the UK they do not give you a diploma until University level so he didn't have proof he had high school level education, but now he does and he did quite well considering he had no preparation.
I am quite proud of him and all the faculty at our college is too. I have heard from Chad, sometimes it takes awhile but so far he is doing well and is fine. I cant wait till he is able to be home again. My brother Joe is having a birthday in the next few days. Happy Birthday Joe!

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maryellen Ward/Birch said...

wow thats so cool about you doind so well in collage and simon getting his ged and all. theats way cool,
glad to hear you are both doing so well