Sunday, June 14, 2009

You guessed it..another semester gone by

This semester was not as easy as the last few have been, not so much the assignments but the teacher I had. I had done the first of 2 assignments and posted it on the student network as I have done for everything else, when my teacher came back and said he could see them. OK maybe something was wrong. I changed my browser to Firefox ( on my Mac) and after that I was able to see my work fine. However he could not. back and forth went emails- he always saying it must be my fault, I must be doing something wrong and he wasnt that nice about it. I had to go to the school and have my school counselors intervene I tell you in all my school years I have never had this problem before. Well miraculously he suddenly could see my work and graded it- what I was mainly concerned about. But an apology? I-am-sorry-it-was-my-fault? No, no sign of that. He played it off as if I finally got it right even though I knew I had all along. Next semester we are going back to school, nights. No more with dealing with online teachers. We tried it when we had to fit in with Simon's schedule but we dont have to do that anymore. In other news we have been getting sooooooo much rain. Our crops love it and we are so proud of our little garden.
Simon and I celebrate our birthdays this month. We went to the Oqiuirrh M
ountain Temple.which was very nice despite the rain.

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maryellen Ward/Birch said...

Glad you are both doing well. teachers never like to admit there wrong. i had that problem back in school with my music teach and it took me skipping and faking that i was ill and then a chat with mum and then a call from my mum to that particuler teacher who then had to admit shame and fault and well he felt very little by the end of it all lol. i think i told you that story before.
any way take care and keep strong we will so have to meet up this summer or something maybe i could come up on a friday night and come home on the saturday