Monday, February 1, 2010

New Month/ Reflections on the past

January has finally passed. Classes go on as usual. I have never gone through so much information so fast. Back at BYUH I had a few months time to get though classes. Now I only have a month with 1-2 classes. I am actually going to graduate- 2012. I never got to finish BYUH, looking back I wish I had. I would of gotten closer anyhow if I didnt leave when I did. I was there through the lucky circumstance that my father worked for the government and that is were he had gotten his next chosen assignment. Its been a good while since I have been there- and I have to say I loved with a captial L those 5 yrs. It wasnt just the sunny days, the beaches, the activities at school.
It was the people many who I still know, and are still my friends that I met. After I left I went to UVU for a month- what a cold contrast! It was cold a) because it was winter anyways b) the people had the people they hung out with already- kinda like English school which I have also experienced. My only "friend" was a guy who never shut up it seemed and that was just in Archeology class. Now at my current school I dont have alot of friends because I am online but my life is now different anyways. I will celebrate with Simon 7 yrs of marriage this year. It has been a packed 7 yrs, from being in England- London for 2 yrs, getting deathly ill due to ignorant doctors, coming back to the USA Simon getting through immigration, moving, getting deathly ill again ignorant doctors ( no way would I do what they did to me) moving again, coming to live with my grandfather- he passing away- going back to school... yeah pretty packed. In 2010 I still have health problems but not like before, no hospitals this time and I plan to keep it that way.

Simon has decided to go to campus and then on to work each day- he was online like I am now.
I prefer as long as I can to be online giving me time to do everything else- run the house basically. He worries about having free time. I know it will be less but he will get it.
If he stays the course he will be able to leave the call center which is so-so and into a good job.

Birthdays celebrated last month:
Blake my nephew turned 9
My dad- turned 62.
This month my sister in law and my aunt will have birthdays.

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