Sunday, May 30, 2010

New Layout

I got tired of my old layout so I chose an another. I think I like this one better actually. Weather has been good although we did get snow last week which was not nice, luckily it only stayed for a day and did not come back. Garden seems to be doing ok, never did get any carrots showing, perhaps I started them too late. Other things are doing well though. In school things are rolling along and I am doing well in my current Flash class, its alright its not the only one I will do. There is another more advanced class I will take at some point. In sad news my Grandmas second husband passed away. Bill Tate had been ill for awhile. They had 10 good years together. He lived a remarkable life, a fighter pilot, a POW, a construction equipment inventor, many things. He will be missed, I am glad I can say that I got to know him a little, being down in St George I didnt get to go there alot but I did go a couple times and I am glad for that.

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