Thursday, July 7, 2011


Continuing with my gaming adventures, I finally made it to Dragonspyre and have been going through the quests. The bad guys are harder. All the human ghost-like characters seem to have a Russian accent and names. I suppose Russia is hinted at as a country influence like Japan is for Mooshu and London is for Marleybone etc. I dkw where Wizard city is like. All the other places I pretty much can. Drayonspyre unlike the others doesnt have any real vegetation except some flowers which grow but no green really, lots of lava though, Lots more dungeons too, there are many in this world. I have not met Malistare yet but I will get there. There is alot to the world to explore and its not so easy to explore, you have to get access to the different areas a slightly different way. The big bosses are huge and have lots of mana so if you are alone- buy a henchman or two! I cant imagine defeating them alone. I hope they will add more to the game by the time I get through Celestia which I have visited but I have not gotten full access to. I am sure they will. Well thats my gaming report for now...

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