Friday, July 22, 2016

New make up eyeshadow line I am loving....

Its been a long hot hot summer, especially where I am with no rain for weeks on end. Can I say I am ready for Fall? Yes! And what has come out just in time for Fall? Urban Decay's Moon dust shadows,
Yes I like makeup, ever since I was allowed to wear it at age 12. Recently it has caught my interest even more. I usually dont go for more pricey but stick to drug store brands ( which alot work just as well)  However this line caught my attention.
 Really pretty wouldn't you say? This pic just has some of them, a good selection but there are more! Checkout Urban Decays website and choose the Fall collection and choose the single Moon dust shadows and you will see the full range of these really pretty eye shadows. 
I dont own any glittery, shimmery, sparkly shades and so these look pretty cool. All of these are shimmery or sparkly or  duo chrome, They stand out.   I have 3 coming to me I just ordered Zodiac, Horizon and Vape, A  mid tone pink one (Horizon), a neutral one which is light pink (Vape) and a  dark green one( Zodiac). There are others in this line I totally want, I am looking forward to trying out these. If I like them as much as I think I will I might go for the palette which also has the same name and has 6 other shadows which are separate from the single shadows. So far all the makeup reviews I have seen for that palette have been very positive. So it might be on my list to get and this would be my first high end palette I have gotten, I own other palettes but they are drugstore kind or I got them in a subscription box but they were not high end but still ok. These shadows are $21 each which is to me a bit more than I normally do but not too high. The Moon dust palette is $49- yep nearly 50 dollars comparative with Too Faced Palettes. Other high end palettes are only slightly less. ( still in the 40-50 dollar range) I like the look of these far better than the Alice through the Looking Glass palette. I like the colors better in the single and the Moon dust.
I shall have a review after I have received the ones I ordered and tried them on for a bit. To me they do look out of this world. 

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