Sunday, October 26, 2008

Our week with Chad

My brother Chad has been visiting us this week, also a new member of the Everett family has been born, My brother Denny and his wife have a new baby boy Jonah. During this week Chad has gotten to be with us and we have done a lot of fun stuff. One of the things which my Dad, Joe, Chad and I did was hike in a place called Snell Canyon in Salem. It was a rough hike. We hiked for at least 7 hours and the trail badly needs to be maintained. We went over and under big logs, through tons of bushes and shrubbery, loose rocks and and over many, many leaves. Pictures are at the bottom of this post. My folks didnt think I could do it. However, I did!
I got all the way up to the top and all the way down with no major injuries, just a couple of blisters. I have hiked se
veral times throughout my life. This hike was the toughest though. On our way down we saw the Dream mine part of which is seen above. The people who live around it, sure do keep to themselves, they don't like people coming up there ( even though for us we didnt know that till we got down there) There is a story behind the mine and that can be found on the Internet. We saw a couple of other mines on the way down also. The sheer beauty of the valley was amazing. Another place we went, was Cascade Springs, in the Unita National Park, pictured here. All of our family went,( of our immediate family) including all the nieces and nephews with the exception of Catherine and the new baby. (Pictures will be posted soon) We had a nice time, it was also nice because Simon got to be with us also. My nieces and nephews had a blast at the springs. I enjoyed them also although due to hiking the day before I was quite sore.
Nevertheless, it was a very nice day.
After going to the Spring
s, we watched the BYU game against UNLV. We won!
After the game we had our first annual Silly Chilli night which was very fun. Back in my ward in Od
enton, quite some years back we had a Silly Chilli night as a ward activity and several ward members shared their talents and silly acts, one was my dad and if I am not mistaken, my brother Joe preformed then too. Its been a very nice week with Chad, I wish he was allowed more time off. He will be away for a year on a Army assignment. We hope he will not have to be away too long.

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