Thursday, November 20, 2008

New stuff I like

As you know I am quite a P.D James fan, and finally a new book has come out. I haven't had a new book written by her to read since 2005 when The Lighthouse came out. I am hoping they will make the movie to go along with that as most of her books have had a movie made from them. I shall have many hours of reading to look forward to wit this new novel. Her books are complex, multi - layered with characters who are anything but ordinary. P.D. James manages to bring in all the elements of mystery and murder, but refrains from excess gore. Detail is there, but not the excessive horror some writers put in their books. She is not afraid to put in some adult topics so if you want mysteries which don't broach anything close to that, stick to Agatha Christie type books where the stories and plot are more simple. However I find even with those themes, I can still enjoy the novels because they are tastefully written. I plan on doing a review of what I thought of the book after I have completed it.-Stay tuned for that..

This November one of my favorite music artists who is featured on this page brought out a new CD, like PD James Enya only produces a new work every few years so a new one from her is welcome too. And Winter Came is a Christmas themed CD, although not every song has a Christmas feel to it.
I have listened to it a few times and find it very enjoyable. I plan to listen to it more during the Christmas season. If you like New Age, then you will like this CD. I am always on the lookout for things I like to have new editions or albums. Well I am off to tuck into my book. .

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