Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year!

Well, Well a new year is here! Here in Utah in the valley we have gotten quite a bit of snow. Its not done yet! Our family had a enjoyable Christmas, Simon and I went over to Joe's on Christmas Eve and also on New Years Eve. We were missing Chad who is on assignment overseas. We were happy to get a email from him though. Gosh, what will 2009 bring? Its tough to say at the moment. Let's hope our new president will do some good for the country. I really don't know how things will go, but I dont think anyone does at this point. I have been in Utah a year. In my Grandpa's basement where I started when I came here. Of course I have been here several times all through out my life but this is the first time it was where I lived since I was really small. How long will Simon and I be here? I am not sure at this point. I didnt set any resolutions this year, I haven't sat down to think of any, I have heard some 'experts' say its not good for your health to do. I don't about that. There are things I would like to do better and I am keeping them in my head. My parents will be in Iowa for a bit to take care of a bit of problem but hopefully they won't be long. While they are gone Me, my husband and my brother Joe will be checking in and taking care of my Grandpa. He is still quite independant at 92 years old. This is good because he can still do many things for himself still but not everything so between the 3 of us we shall make sure he is well looked after. This will be the second time for a long time I have and about the 5th time total for me looking after him. I look forward to Spring, its a little ways off but still I look forward to it.

Happy New Year all!

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