Friday, March 25, 2016

And then there were five.

Ok there are 5 but I found this picture of 4 and they are doing the best who is far.
This presidential race has reminded me of Agatha Christie's  Ten Little Indians or otherwise known as  And Then There Were None. Except everyone is alive, they just drop out of the race one by one .  To be perfectly honest, I dont like any of them. Not really though if I had to choose it would be between Cruz for the Republicans or Bernie on the Democrats even though I have never voted Democrat before. I could just about deal with him even though in many ways he is a nut and has unrealistic promises. Plus he is a Socialist. I know Socialism, I have lived in England twice where even if the government is Conservative, the underlying socialism runs through the government, once introduced it never went away from Blair to Cameron it doesn't matter. I refuse to "jump on the Trump train"
I haven't liked him for a good while. I dont like how he talks to people and thinks swearing is ok. I dont like how utterly unprofessional he comes across. Yep he is a businessman, not over the top successful, he has had success but he has had failures too.  He doesnt mind who he deals with, he has no scruples.  No you cant sell me the idea of him being my president, just because he is not apart of the Establishment.

The Establishment has not always been bad, we have had some decent people in Washington, its been a bit but we have.  We cant just throw all under the bus and say all are bad. That's a fallacy and if you know your philosophy classes, you know which fallacy it is. There are some men and women whom we have elected who do try do good and good things.  They get outnumbered sometimes, more than we like by those who do not have our interests at heart, but instead have their own pet projects they want to focus on. We need to vote those kind out, and choose better representatives.

This only happens if you take the time to look at who wants or is in office, look at what their views are, their morals and vote for them or if in office support them. It simply does not happen if we do nothing and then wonder why we have who we do.  So for the first time in  the yrs I have voted, my vote could go either way. To the left or the right,  I don't care who the front runner is in the Republican party,  My gut tells me don't vote for him, I don't care how many delegates he has. I don't care that he has all this money to use for his campaign. That as Shania Twain says " Don't impress me much."  It really does not, wither you get funding or not does not mean you are a great candidate. There is nothing about him which shines out to me. . Now I don't know a lot about Ted Cruz, I know he is a Christian, I know he has some things which he wants to do for the country which sound like things which could be done,  He hasn't offended minorities and no riots have broken out at his meetings, rallies etc. He hasn't always been a citizen but he now is, at least he has never hid the fact he was born elsewhere unlike Obama who wants us to think he was born in Hawaii.  I like him better than Trump, I liked Rubio but he didn't do well, he did have some good things to say and things he wanted to do. I liked that he had  belief in Jesus Christ and was not afraid to say so at a debate.
Oh yes I left out Hillary- that is because she never was a choice for me.  The fact she can still run is mind blowing. I do not fancy Bill and Hill back in the White House. A dishonest woman, a liar, a murderer a security risk.. and all the rest.  No for Hillary.

As for our "5th Beatle" John Kaisch, I cant leave out him either to be fair.  I like the man alot,  He has experience, he has done some important things and has had leadership positions.  However people just dont want to vote for him and he would actually be my guy if he were doing better but right now he is not.  I wish he was because he has some solid plans for the country as well.  In my caucus though most did not choose him for the candidate. They didnt choose Trump either,

Politics is a crazy thing, There are so many different views of who is right and who is wrong.
These are my views and you don't have to agree with them. I dont want any page long comments telling me how I should vote one way or the other. I am not telling you to do that.. I am just stating what I think of the matter, without endless facts and figures because these are just my thoughts.

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