Sunday, April 3, 2016

Conference Trip 2016

This year for April Conference we were fortunate to get tickets to the Sat afternoon session. I have never been to Conference. I have seen it many times on television or at the chapels when we used to watch it there.  We made it an extra treat by booking a hotel which was nicer than a motel 6 but not too pricey like a Hilton.  Little America is where we went to.   
Which was a nice hotel, we were in the older part of it which was outside of the hotel and not in the main part of it. There were chandeliers and nice furniture in the main part, nice restaurants and gift shops.  We explored  Salt Lake a bit, we went to City Creek Mall where we enjoyed going to a few shops which were interesting.  I brought back some things from Lush.  So far up in SLC is the only place in Utah it is, perhaps its in another place but I don't know of any here but there. This makes it a treat as we don't get to often.   On the say of conference there were many people.  I haven''t seen so many people gathered in quite some time. It reminded me of Oxford street in London .  There were those who thought some how we would listen to the their protests for things they had against the church. They were vastly outnumbered and I felt sad for them, they were wasting their time.  It was a beautiful day and here they were doing something so pointless. Its one thing to have a different view, go ahead, you are entitled to it .  However- if I am not interested don't expect me to suddenly be. Also choose another way to express your views, no one wants to listen to your rants and complaints.  Those with me, want to come be uplifted, educated and have a spiritual experience. The opposite of these folk gathered outside with whatever objection or things they think they should be changed.   We also got to meet up with our good friend Chris Cooke.  It was good to see him and we went to lunch with him after the conference session was over.
Little America Hotel
We also went to the Clark Planetarium.  We wanted to go Sat night but we could not, because every single parking spot was taken because of a Justin Beiber concert. I already dont like him and that just made it so I like him even less.  I also was able to get the second book in the Miss Peregrines home for Unusual Children trilogy. I really enjoyed the first one and will be happy to continue ready the story of Jacob and his unusual friends.  Over all we had a great time, and it was such lovely weather and over all everything went well.

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