Monday, March 14, 2016

Stormy weather

I woke up this morning and the sky was rather dark like this. I could not see Timp very well, it was obscured by dark clouds. There were patches of the mountains you still could see, with the snow still on them. We are expecting more snow but it will not be a lasting snow this time as we have had temperatures in the 60's before . Spring is a bit unusual in  Utah.  Its a mix of things and then Bam! Its summer time.
Like these clouds, there has been a lot of political unrest right now as it is election time. Who should be elected next? Who should we trust?  There have been rumblings and clashes like flashes of lightening. For me I still dont know exactly who I would want to be President but I can rule out some.  There are other contenders on each side of the major parties other than who is doing the best in the polls. Sadly they are not doing as well as the ones who are the forerunners. Their number of delegates are not as many as they need and they dont seem to be getting any landslide votes.
The Utah caucus is coming up and I shall be voting. I shall have to think about who I wish to vote for.
Its important to not get too caught up in the whole political circus which has been brought to us. Do we want to be one of those angry people?  I admit I am fed up with what has been done with the country under our current president. I never was very impressed with him.  His Golden Boy status that the media gave him- seemed more like leaf gold than real which has peeled off to reveal the true nature of him.  Still I am not out for a fight, I dont want to cause contention with those I know who may have a different champion than me.  The phrase " Cant we all just get along?"  seems like something which would be really nice, if only we knew how to do it.

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