Friday, March 11, 2016

Its been awhile...

March 11, 2016

I nearly forgot I had a blog, till I was watching some YouTube folks were talking about their blogs and it occurred to me I should get back to writing on mine.   So what is new or has been new?  Well lets see.   I am still working for Stevens Henager, or Independence  University,
This will be my 5th yr.  I am about ready for a change though but not sure what change I should do.  I have many interests. I like mystery books and I am reading a good few. I am currently reading Brass in Pocket.  Its by Welsh  author  Stephen Puleston. He is a new author to me, I have 3 of his books.  So far I am liking the books except for some bad language which I take my trusty pen to. 
 It is set in North Wales. I will have to finish reading it to get a full opinion of it.  Other things I am up to are I am interested in doing things in Graphic Arts, I am interested in making jewelry and  have done but not as often as I like.  Many things I am doing. I have started to remember my daily scripture study as I should. I decided to read the Doctrine in Covenants because in Gospel Doctrine we are reading the Book of Mormon.
So now that I have remembered my blog and bookmarked where it is, I shall be a more frequent writer and use this to tell about the interests I have, reviews about books or places I go. 
One of the Kitty Collages I do.
Brass in Pocket

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