Friday, April 29, 2016

April Weather and more Music artists I like..

 Lately we have had a lot of rain, We have had some nearly every day for a good several days.  Its good for the water table, and the plants, fields etc.  It can get quite dry in Utah and so any time we get good amounts of rain its certainly a good thing.  I am just about ready to start planting. I have lots of seeds to choose from. I need to get the soil right as its not good. It also needs to stop raining so its not so soggy to work in the garden.
 I have been continuing my liking of ambient, new age, electronic artists. I have liked this particular one for awhile, The group is a duo who are Swedish.   I like their music because it helps me concentrate and I like the songs which are produced by the artists. Their music falls into the ambient category.  If you are looking for a good example of this type of music these guys are definitely one. This isn't the only range of music I like.  My music tastes are quite vast.  I find this type of music is calming, peaceful but not too peaceful so that I get sleepy and fall asleep, though I could if sleep is what I wanted to do . I find myself quite stressed for some reason on a daily basis, its just how I am though not what I like to be .  I find this kind of music greatly helps reduce that...  I also like alot of 80/90's alternative bands, and some oldies. The only kind of rap I can stand is in Gorrilaz music and only if its clean. I know they can be dodgy sometimes to explicit and those type of songs I don't care for, but they do have some catchy ones which are perfectly fine. Other than them, I don't care for that type of music or hip hop etc. perhaps because its not my culture. Will Smith is ok with his catchy dance tunes.  I cant say I am country fan, even though I live in the West. Not a type of music I ever really got into any more than Jazz does.  However give me Enya, or Carbon Based Lifeforms, or the Keane, sure I am happy. My taste for electronica/ambient is something I developed on my own. I simply checked them out and found that they were totally were agreeable with me.  My like of 80-90's I grew up with and my brothers introduced me to several bands I still listen to especially if they are still making great music.

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