Sunday, May 15, 2016

More rain and a Reunion

We have been blessed as of late to get quite a bit of rain where I live.  This is good for our water table.   Even with the amount we have had though, Salem which is just below me has restrictions. This is because of one major thing: They are building too many houses.  If you build houses and houses the amount of water everyone has or can have eventually gets stretched. Here is an article which is about California building but can easily be applied here  about this issue.  You should build for what is needed not just to make a profit.  Either that or new sources of water need to be found.
In other news I had a happy reunion at a good friend of mines wedding.  We all met at in a town called Odenton which is in Maryland.
 His folks were my seminary teachers and also
were at my wedding, his dad  was our sealer. Which if you are LDS you know what a sealer is and does. For those not, he basically is what the bishop or pastor is when they marry couples.
To us, it means more than the "till death till you part." its more than that. For us, it is forever but its not a guarantee,right there and then. We have to obey and be true to the convents we make when we are sealed together.

We had a nice time at the reception and several folks who we have known for quite some time were there. We being my parents,and brothers. My spouse being from the UK of course did not know the couple or the others who we knew.  It had been about 13 yrs, or since I got married since I had seen some of the folks who attended and it was great to see them.  Some of them it had been even longer, since I was a teenager.  Hopefully it wont be so long till we meet up again.

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