Friday, June 17, 2016

Product review- Purple Bed

My husband and and I have been thinking about getting a new bed. We have had the bed we currently have since 2008.  My husband has seen the ads for Purple.  Purple is a mattress company which was born from a Kickstarter. Its been very successful and so far everyone who has tried it has liked it alot. They are located in Alpine Utah.  That's not too far away  so we went to the showroom/call center and tried it out. The staff were nice and friendly. When we tried out the bed it felt nice and it was not hard to sell us on it plus compared to other beds, it costs way less which we also like.  Our current bed has gotten a bit lumpy.  I also find that I wake up with aches or its hard to go to get to sleep. Laying on this bed I felt nicely supported, nothing ached. Mind you it was not the size we want in the showroom but from what it was I could tell a difference.  We are planning on getting one and I look forward to sleeping on it. 

Full view of what it looks like without the top cover on it.
If you are interested click this link: 
Sample of the hyper-plastic polymer ( 2 samples here shown)
Its like having a hand exerciser and playing with them is very addictive.)

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