Monday, June 6, 2016


It's officially summer and it is starting to get hot!  This month is a birthday month- for me and my spouse. We are both Gemini's. Not that I pay too much attention to that but we both are and I find that interesting. I can't say that my spouse is my twin but he definitely is my soul mate.  My birthday is the Summer Solstice- the longest day of the year.  If you know your calendar then you know what day that is. I was born in the Bicentennial year of our country and if you know what year that was then you know how old I will be.  Yes that one :)
 So far summer I have enjoyed seeing all the girl cousins who are the daughters of one of my aunts and their lovely babies.   I also got to spend some time with my Grandma both in St George and also here at home.   Remember my garden?  Its starting to grow!   I have high hopes for it.  The fruit trees are beginning to make fruit and look like they will produce a good harvest.  There is also Father's day which is coming up and a nephew and sister in laws birthday- she shares my birthday too.  There is lots of unknown still for the summer but I am hoping it will be  a good one, So far the start is pretty great.

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