Friday, March 21, 2014

Good music

I recently had a debate with someone I have known for along time, about good music- good role models who produce or make music.. And I could not totally agree with their view. They suggested if I buy someone's music who had morals which are not mine or lifestyle is not mine.. that I contribute to the problem we have today with the influence of artists who are outside my values.....
Well for starts some of these guys and gals are made to be what they are.  You have to be pretty established to be your own style, your own sound.  At least in many cases.  Blame the producers and record labels they are the ones behind the awful artists we see today for the most part... 
That being said, if a artist I like does not talk about things which are negative, or cursing, and in general just stuff I want to stay away from... should they be in a lifestyle I am not I will not hold against them- I evaluate what they are singing, what is the message, what are saying to me. What do the instruments sound like... what they do with their lives is not my concern as long as it does not wreck what I am listening to. I am not going to have them over to dinner or be close pals.   I like music all across the board.  I do not know what their private lives are about for many of them nor do I concentrate on it. I did not buy their album for that. 

That being saidI have discovered some really excellent music groups of many kinds. I love for example the Black Keys.
  Now why do I?   They have an awesome sound, real guitar, real drum beat and some interesting lyrics and style. You might think that the lead singer was African American from his voice alone, I did at first.  He is the dude with the beard there.  He has a southern style to his voice and man these guys can play!
 On the other complete opposite side of the spectrum-  I have discovered such ambient bands like Solar Fields, and this group: 
Totally relaxing, calming music.   Yes this same person likes a totally different stuff. I dont think I am unique in that though.   Now back to the arguement- am I the consumer responsible for these bad groups being bad influences if I buy the music. I really dont think so because they will have their image,and style wither I purchase anything of theirs or not- like I said, for those in the Bieber catagory and even those I Like- alot are not at the stage they can decide on their own what they sing, or look like and personal lives have nothing to do with my life unless they actively are against things I find are important to me- which for my life- does not happen and if does I often dont care what their personal opinion is. Does it effect the music I hear?   If not, why should I care? I know my rule stick I go by for things and I can judge it good or not, I wont be listening to Satanic, demonic stuff, or demoralizing, gang promoting artists and albums-- No, I wont.

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