Friday, April 8, 2016

Book series continuing..

I finished  Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children and really liked it.  I liked the storyline, I liked the photography. Now I am reading the second book in the series Hollow City, also by Randsom Riggs.  The story continues where it left off and the kids have to flee the house where they have been because it gets raided by hollowgasts- the bad creatures. Now I am not sure if the hollowgasts were always made up baddies or another way of saying the Germans who also are on their tail.  They end up in a forrest not knowing where they are, but soon discover another loop.  In this loop are not just peculiar children or shift changing birds but peculiar, talking animals. That's as far as I have read so far so I don't know what is in store for these adventurers.  The whole peculiar world gets more complex for Jacob who has only discovered its existence in the first book and is just beginning to find out what is peculiar about him and how he can use it.  I have a good deal to go in this book but so far I like as much as the other one,  it has good writing and a good storyline. It also has the old interesting photographs like the first one.  There is one to go after this at least one more out so far.
I am not sure how far you could take this series but I would be happy for 2 or 3 or even more to go along. So far its a series of 3 books though.   To me this beats Harry Potter any day.  Now some of you might of adored HP but it never was my cup of tea.   These children dont have magic or learn magic, to do the peculiar things they do, they just naturally were born with these abilities, how ever unusual they may be and some are not so unusual but are just abilities like being very strong or being able to see visions which happen. Some people can do these things, not many for the visions part but some can sense things before they happen.   For YA fiction I find I like these books a lot- and I am not a YA. ( Young Adult)  I would recommend them to someone who was or was not who liked clever fantasy which is kind of mixed with history, and also has real and not real places. For instance the island where the kids were and now fled from- its real, you can really go to it  but its actually in Cornwall.  I think its neat because I was not sure if it was or made up for the book but sure enough I found it.  I have been to  Cornwall but till this book I didn't know about the island actually the town Jacob and his dad go to- thats Cornwall.  - but the home where the kids started and were for some time ( read the first book or if you have you know why) - that was in Belgium.   Wales was Ransom Riggs spot- and I am not sure where he envisioned to be sure.  It could of been North or South Wales. However it's not where Tim Burton thought to go. Shame, there is a island or two which he could of used. Actually there is a great many.   You have to be careful what you see on the web about it if you are interested because folks will try to tell you its all in Wales. Perhaps for Ransom  it was- if you check You will see where they actually choose.  Otherwise its really up to your minds eye in the book- you know roughly where but nothing to pinpoint anywhere for certain. Though they go London also, again Mr Burton doesnt use London.  The film is has yet to come out and I do hope its as good as the book and I wonder if more than one were incorporated.  I shall have to see when its in the theaters.
A talking dog the kids come across

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